Mick Schumacher, a famous last name that will ring a bell by almost every single person around the world, who is familiar with motorsport. He’s the son of seven time F1 worldchampion Michael Schumacher – the most successful ever F1 driver up to today.

By having such a famous father you wouldn’t have expected Mick to go the same path as him, but he took the challenge. To be honest it shouldn’t be such a big suprise, as it runs in his genes. Mick sat already at a very young age for the first time in a Go-Kart and even though his dad didn’t necessarily want him to go the same way, he made the decision and is happy with it until today.

As every other driver Mick started of in karting, where he came home 3rd and second in various championships over the years. To avoide attention, he used his mothers maiden name “Betsch”.

In the following two years he raced in Formula 4 before making the step up to Formula 3. His most successful year there came in 2018. He took his first win in Spa-Francorchamps, ironically his dads’ so called living room. From there onwards he was unstoppable and took dominantly the F3 championship.

His first year in Formula 2 proved again to be a difficult one as did the first few races of his secon one. But after an unlucky start to his campaign results started to show with many podiums and two victories in Monza and Sochi. From being about 40 points behind he now leed the championship by about 20. In Semptember Ferrari then announced Mick would be taking part in FP1 at the Eifel Grand Prix with Alfa Romeo. As a preparation for that he completed a test with the 2018 Ferrari in Fiorano.

It truly seems as everything has come together for Mick now. Many strokes of faith happened along the way, including his dads’ devastation accident, but it feels like a huge amount of pressure has fallen off and he can finally show his true potential. The doubters, who once said he was just where he is because of his name, have fallen silent. Consistency and hard work have put him where he is today and he once again impressed out of the nowhere. Of course the battle for the crown isn’t over yet, but the chances of a certain german taking it are definitly quite evident. It all feels like destiny…